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Jeffrey Auerbach

Jeffrey Auerbach is a New York City-based financial professional who has built a career by assisting a broad range of companies across the financial investment community. He began his career nearly 25 years ago and is well respected among his peers for his out of the box perspective.

Jeffrey’s career began with work as a financial advisor. His clientele consisted of publicly-traded company executives providing advice on financial decisions, accurately identifying where they would find the most economic success. With this experience, Jeffrey built a passion for the financial industry. His success was built upon his interest in a whole-picture and holistic view of the marketplace. 

Later in his career, his work evolved. Jeffrey Auerbach took his career in a different direction, now focusing on garnering investment support for struggling companies. He was very interested in developing a more extensive network of global investors that were looking for underexposed companies. Part of his expertise came from an understanding of how to utilize public and private markets. Utilizing these separate marketplaces at the right time, in the right way, can make all the difference in the world.

Many believe that the ultimate goal of the investment is to be publicly traded and develop a robust stock – but private investments can be far more flexible and useful to the right company.

Jeffrey Auerbach became focused on developing these companies for a long term relationship. His favorite part of his investment work is watching an idea take hold, expanding outwards from a simple concept to a success story. As a financial expert, he can enter conversations with many companies and businesses at many stages of development. Being able to recognize where a company is positioned along the development process has become essential to his work.

Jeffrey Auerbach thanks his marketing skills for much of his investment finance success. He has spent an extraordinary amount of time examining how investments are marketed and brought to the investment community. He recognizes the critical importance of ensuring that an opportunity is given as much consideration as possible, by as many eyes as possible.

Today, Jeffrey believes that the future of investment will grow more and focus on digitizing news and content. This is going to be a key indicator of how capable the company will be in garnering interest from the investment community. Companies in the future will come to rely on skilled digital marketing and content for every aspect of their operations. Digital marketing of content will come to eclipse all other industries.

Outside of his thriving work and career, Jeffrey is an avid outdoors enthusiast. His major hobbies include skiing and fishing, to different but deeply loved activities. He is very grateful that he has developed a career that allows him to focus on and support his hobbies.

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